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Alturas Fiduciary Services offers independent trustee services across the country to privately held companies sponsoring ESOPs for stock sale transactions and ongoing annual trustee services.

Alturas is taking a different approach to serving ESOP companies. For us, it is not about the number of clients we serve, it is about building quality relationships. Our promise is to be available when our client’s need us. We are professional, responsive, involved, and earn our fees through dedicated service and commitment.

Our mission is to offer exceptional customer service and value for our clients while creating wealth for participants through employee ownership.

Alturas takes pride in our extensive fiduciary process which starts with thoroughly vetting the professionals we engage including financial advisors and counsel. Our duty is to represent the ESOP Trust for the exclusive benefit of ESOP participants. Our prudent process includes thoroughly documenting every step of the transaction, and adhering to Department of Labor Settlement Agreement guidance.

Kayla Adams, CPFA
President and Trustee

Kayla Adams, Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor, is the President and Founder of Alturas Fiduciary Services serving as an ongoing trustee and independent fiduciary for stock sale transactions for ESOP companies.

Kayla has been a member of the ESOP community since 2010. Prior to founding Alturas to represent employee interests in ESOP transactions, she specialized in sell-side representation working with over 1,000 selling shareholders utilizing ESOPs as business succession strategies.


As the Vice President for Capstone Headwater’s ESOP Advisory Group, Kayla was involved with project management and coordination of over 70 ESOP formations from initial analysis through stock sale closings. Prior to her role as VP, she served as a Senior Analyst assisting in every step of the ESOP quarterbacking process including: preliminary analysis presentations, feasibility studies, ESOP Plan and transaction design, stock sale implementation, repurchase liability studies, and employee communication rollout meetings.


On a personal note, Kayla has a passion for the outdoors and in her free time enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling, ATV riding and hiking.

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